My canvas is any moment you’re willing to share with me. My medium is any sound, sight, smell, taste, or touch that allows me to create a [physical, mental, temporal] space where you can play, explore, and question freely. Anything I can offer online is below, along with info about events out in the real world.



The full collection of videos from Connect . The . Dots . 2, which followed the creation of

`Threads´, a concerto for flugelhorn, harp, and strings.

Full performances videos from the first Connect . The . Dots concert.


Recorded on

16 Sept. 2014 in the David Josefowitz Recital Hall in the Royal Academy of Music (London). 


Rehearsals, private performances, discussions, and anything else that doesn´t happen on the stage or `official´ screen.




09.10.2019 | III & VI (from Snow Scenes)

09.10.2019 | Hong Kong Premiere

Thomas Ang piano

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