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A Step Into Spain: Sara Cubarsi Performs ‘For Now’

sara cubarsi

I don’t often bring too much attention to repeat performances, especially not in retrospect, but, in this cas e, I simply have to make an exception.

This past Thursday, For Now the improvisatory (for now…) piece that Tanya Sweiry and I devised as part of the Connect . The . Dots project was once again brought to life by the dynamic and multi-talented Sara Cubarsi. Though not advertised ahead of time, Sara played the Bach-Brusentsev/Sweiry pairing as an encore after giving the Spanish premiere of Philip Glass’s Second Violin Concerto.

It should go without saying that this was For Now’s Spanish premiere as well. Moreover, it was my music’s first step onto mainland Europe–very exciting. That it happened to happen in one of my favorite cities (Barcelona) in a hall (Petite Palau) of one of the most beautiful venues (The Palau de la Música de Orfeó Català) I have ever seen is just the cherry on top. Here’s hoping that this first performance is one of many more to come!

To read more about the process, the piece, and the performances, be sure to check out the violin posts on Connect . The . Dots. In addition to the aforementioned insights, you can also see a copy of the original ‘score’ and check out the video of Tanya’s performance to see just how different different performers can make one piece of music sound; this, for me, is probably one of the most exciting and wonderful things about being a composer and listener. Enjoy!

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