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in memoriam: Sir Peter Maxwell Davies

This morning I read this.

It’s very difficult to assess the impact of something in the moment. Context and precedent can give you hints, but until you’ve had a chance to see the change brought about by an event, you simply don’t know.

But “the music knows things you don’t” (Sir Peter Maxwell Davies).

The meaning of those words is something I’m just starting to understand and appreciate properly.

I can’t begin to guess at the impact he and his music have had and will continue to have on the contemporary landscape, but I will always be humbled by the truly remarkable amount of knowledge, wisdom, and dedication Max had and shared tirelessly.

I am thankful beyond words for the lectures I heard, the rehearsals I observed, and the handful of lessons I was lucky enough to have. More than inspiration, it gave me confidence and a working model for how to integrate a passion for philosophy, education, and communication into my music. I can only hope that my work reflects this, that my music knows.

Thank you, Max.

A small sample of the incredible breadth of his work is below.

More still can be found here.

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