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JFund For New Music

My mind is constantly buzzing: composition ideas, project ideas, idea ideas. It’s a bit of mess, but every now and then that mess results in something worthwhile, not just for me as an artist, but – more importantly – for those that might engage with my work.

One of these projects is a long-brewing plan for a flugelhorn concerto for my friend and fabulous trumpeter, Imogen Hancock. The initial spark for it came back in 2014 when her and I were working together on Connect . The . Dots 1, the project that would result in (among other things) my work for solo trumpet, ...what’s left when.... Then, that spark was little more than than a passing notion. Now, fully matured and conceptualized, we have a plan, a team, and the funding to make it happen:

Recipients of the 2016 recipients of the JFund for New Music.

For now, I won’t reveal much more than our collaborators: the brilliant Toby Thatcher and the magnificent musicians of Ensemble Eroica. I can hardly imagine a better team for this project. Get pumped.

Oh. Also, Connect . The . Dots 2 is coming...

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