Connect . The . Dots . 2

A while back, I ended a post with the words “Connect . The . Dots 2 is coming...”

Well, Connect . The . Dots . 2 is now here.

For those not yet familiar, the project seeks to empower people to better understand and connect to new music by involving them in the creative process, from planning to premiere. During the first iteration, my collaborators and I shared the work of creating four solo pieces. This time around, my partners, Imogen Hancock and Toby Thatcher, will document the creation of a concerto for flugelhorn, harp, and string orchestra.

To start things off, a good portion of the planning and research posts are already up. Plenty more will appear in due time along with educational resources for artists, teachers, and anyone curious about the often-veiled creative process that brings musical works to life.

Most exciting of all, the bit where I write a 25-minute concerto in a month(!!!) is happening right now and will be documented in real time (read: as quickly as I can record it while still composing at this breakneck pace).

This piece has been with me for about three years. Growing from a germinal notion into a sprawling collection of concepts and ideas that is finally ready to take shape and come to life, first, on paper, and then in the hands of my brilliant collaborators.

I could not be more happy to share this moment in my life with you.

If you’re inclined, check it out, subscribe for updates, and share it with the world.

Here is the link again (you know, just in case).

#tobythatcher #imogenhancock #connectthedots #contemporaryclassical

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