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This is a re-post from the Connect . The . Dots . 2 (where I have been doing all my writing lately):

Asking for help can be terrifying; it implies an acknowledgment of vulnerability. Then again, that vulnerability can be the source of tremendous strength.

From the beginning, this project has been about telling the story of a creative journey so that others could learn from our successes and setbacks. While most posts thus far have focused on the musical work my collaborators and I are doing, I want to take a moment to acknowledge some of the work that makes that work possible, namely crowdfunding.

Of all the ways my collaborators and I have worked to raise money for this project, this is probably the most difficult and yet the most satisfying. It comes down to vulnerability: more than any funding application, a public appeal for aid leaves you quite exposed as you not only acknowledge a need for help but also open yourself to public rejection. Scary stuff. But it is this fear that makes it so worthwhile. Regardless of the outcome, the sole act of opening oneself up in that manner is tremendously rewarding as it represents a kind of triumph over oneself and one’s fears (think rejection therapy). If you do happen to succeed (and remember that you can define it in various ways), you get the bonus of public affirmation on top of the funds to make your project happen. It is spectacular. It is humbling.

So how will our crowdfunding journey end? I don’t know yet. We’re 2/3rds of the way to our goal and still have a few days left. I very much hope we make it, but even if we end up a little shy of the goal, I can already say this was well worth every bit of effort we’ve put in.

If you are invested in this project and wish to show your support, you can do so below. Thank you for considering it.

(In case the picture link doesn’t work: )

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