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Though I mostly listen, from time to time I have a few words to say. Here you will find news, reflections, musings, bits of inspiration, and (maybe) even an occasional poem.

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Connect . The . Dots . 2

September 7, 2017

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January 22, 2016

Today is the day when Henri Dutilleux would have turned 100.

For me, there are no words to properly account for his influence. My thinking, my music, and my sense of standards have all been incalculably improved since Alex Freeman first introduced me to Dutilleux’s work...

December 22, 2015

If you don’t yet know about Vsauce, allow me to share the YouTube channel’s brilliant, one-sentence description: “Our World is Amazing.”

Having watched just about every episode, I honestly could not think of a more apt description for a channel that so passionately expl...

March 1, 2015

I don’t often bring too much attention to repeat performances, especially not in retrospect, but, in this cas e, I simply have to make an exception.

This past Thursday, For Now the improvisatory (for now…) piece that Tanya Sweiry and I devised as part of the...

February 25, 2015

Writing a piece of good music is not easy. If I had to estimate, I’d say something like 95% of the process is just failing in an impressive array of different ways. Then again, failing, done right, is not failing at all – it is learning.

Looked at in that light, I’ve b...

December 22, 2014

This isn’t exactly new (2008), but it most certainly is something I come back to (or stumble upon, as the case may be this time) from time to time because it is just that good. Zander speaks so incredibly passionately and articulately that I simply can’t help but get c...

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